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"Grunge US Flag" Decal
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Sticking a white vinyl sticker onto a transparent surface, such as glass, can be fun. But inherently, something seems to be missing. You might rotate and move, stand back, get close, but it never seem to look just right does it? It is an age old problem that has been troubling mankind for centuries.

Okay, maybe that last part was a slight exaggeration.

Still, it is difficult to get white vinyl stickers to look good on transparent surfaces. Fortunately, we're not condemned to a world where white vinyl is our only option.

Clear vinyl stickers look great on any transparent surface, from house windows to car windows. In fact they're sometimes called ‘Window Decals.’ Clear stickers look great on bottles, worth knowing if you happen make your own homebrew, condiments, or anything else that might find itself stuffed in a transparent container. Clear stickers show off your design with minimal obstruction of whatever is behind it. Even homemade hot sauce.

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