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Sherry Manufacturing and Sea Dog™ Announce a New Partnership to Revitalize a True American Hero, the Sea Dog.

Sherry Manufacturing and Sea Dog™ have partnered to launch a new aggressive marketing campaign for Sea Dog, an upscale licensed clothing brand.


Scott Coltune, CEO and President of Sherry Mfg. Co. Inc., (DBA Sherry Resortwear), announced recently his company is now the master licensee and exclusive distributor of Sea Dog™, an upscale licensed brand that has sailed some stormy waters lately but is expecting a smoother adventure in the near future.

Sherry Manufacturing, one of the nation’s leading screen printers of souvenir apparel for more than 60 years, promises to lend its manufacturing and marketing expertise to drive Sea Dog sales to a place they have never been before.

“I cannot wait to get this great brand out to all the coastal markets and online consumers,” Mr. Coltune said. “Sea Dog has a special cult following and we will be true to the brand.”

Mr. Coltune said the partnership between the two companies will be promoted at the Surf Expo (“The Show”) in January 2012 in Orlando, Fla., and promised to unveil the best designs from Sea Dog founder Bill Sparks and his son, Nathan Sparks. In fact, Mr. Sparks will be at the Sherry Booth at the Surf Expo to release the new clothing lineup on behalf of both companies. During the expo, Mr. Sparks also will be signing autographs for a special Sea Dog poster.

“It’s important to remember that even though this is a business partnership, Sherry Manufacturing and Sea Dog are both family companies and we are looking forward to building this brand for future generations,” Mr. Coltune said. “There isn’t anyone who does what Bill Sparks can do, and the two companies are going to capitalize on that.”

Mr. Coltune added that there will be a tremendous marketing effort to showcase the Sea Dog brand, and many new designs and key items will be added to the lineup.

In addition to selling products at resorts nationwide and throughout the Caribbean Islands, Sherry Manufacturing is getting ready to christen a new website catalog for Sea Dog™, that will showcase the brand online. Sherry Manufacturing will also be working with online retail partners to sell the brand across many online e-commerce portals. The Sea Dog™ brand is also available through Bass Pro Shops® and Dick’s Sporting Goods®. As the two companies further develop their partnership, Mr. Sparks and Mr. Coltune have pledged that other Sea Dog branded items are just beyond the next wave, including towels and headwear.

How it All Began

According to legend, Mr. Sparks got his inspiration for Sea Dog – a name that means “experienced sailor” – from tales of Queen Elizabeth I of England, whose fleet of privateers laid waste to the Spanish Armada in 1588. When Mr. Sparks started the company, he quickly settled on an iconic design for Sea Dog: A skeleton dog with a peg leg, an eye patch, bandana, earring – and a small bite taken out of one ear. And what about Sea Dog’s crooked leg? That comes from the old saying “Crooked as a dog’s hind leg,” Mr. Sparks said.

“Remember, there’s only one true Sea Dog,” Mr. Sparks said. “There have been lots of imitators, but he’s it. He’s an American dog – an American hero.”

About Sherry Manufacturing

Established in 1948 by Quentin Sandler, Sherry Mfg. is located in Miami in a state-of-the-art 275,000 square foot facility where it handles all production and marketing for licensed products from Warner Brothers (Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo), Nickelodeon (Sponge Bob, Blues Clues, Fairly Odd Parents, Dora the Explorer), Sesame Street and Betty Boop, among others. Thanks to an extensive worldwide network, the company distributes nationwide to resorts, theme parks and airport retailers under the brands of Sherry Resortwear, Visions and Kidztime.

About Bill Sparks and Sea Dog T-shirts

Bill Sparks founded Sea Dog™ in 1987 with a simple goal: Design to most unique T-shirt anywhere. Since that time the company has become a highly visible and sought after brand for high quality T-shirts, each one carefully hand drawn and crafted by Mr. Sparks and his son, Nathan. Today, Sea Dog offers dozens of clever products, from American Breed to Bones Drinker to Dog Bite , just to name a few.

An accomplished illustrator, Mr. Sparks first sketched out a name for himself in high school where he won numerous awards for art and soon after enrolled in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts before transferring to Kent State University. Upon graduating with a degree in Commercial Art/Fine Professional Art, Mr. Sparks started his professional career with magazine and book cover illustrations before launching the company 24 years ago – Sea Dog – that would make him world famous. He also created illustrations of several famous players with the National Football League. Mr. Sparks has also spent time in the classroom as a teacher, sharing his wisdom with future artists at The Ringling School of Art and Design.

About the Surf Expo

The Surf Expo, held each year in January and September, has drawn thousands of visitors since it opened its doors in 1976. In 2012, it promises more than 2,000 booths of apparel and goods from the surf, skate, water sports, swim and resort industries. Sea Dog T-shirts® and Sherry Mfg. will be there – and you should, too.

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