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Welcome to the Sea Dog Shop Blog

Welcome to the Sea Dog Shop Blog

The Original Sea Dog

Aarrr, matey! The ol’ Sea Dog here, at yer service. Ye’ve come to the right place for a rambunctious good time. Express yer personality with a Sea Dog t-shirt, the salty old dog who’s seen a hundred battles, weathered a thousand storms, and yet still has the wit and humor to pull a cheeky shenanigan now and again.

You weren’t thinkin’ that the ol’ Sea Dog was just a picture on a t-shirt, were ya now?

The Legend of the Old Sea Dog

Four hundred ninety years ago, when you were just a twinkle in your great-great-grandpappy’s eye, the Sea Dog was just a pup. And being a sea-loving chap as he was, he leaped aboard a small ship. “All aboard!” cried the captain, and they were off. 

They sailed for many a day, seeking the enchanted island of eternal youth. Our dear pup cheered the lonely sailors on the voyage, and each of the men, unbeknownst to the others, would sneak him a scrap from their rations. The Sea Dog grew happy, fat, and flourishing, but the men began to grow thin. Each day, the rations grew scantier. Each day, the men expected that the island of eternal youth would appear just over the horizon. They held on, scorning food, knowing that one step onto the enchanted isle would recover their health forever.

Then a storm swept the sea, and for 14 long days, they were driven backward, tossed to and fro, and spun around and around without a glimpse of the stars. One by one, the men dropped from starvation, and yet still, they held on. They were, in fact, in such close proximity to the Island that they had come into the the vortex of the enchanted breezes. Each man was convinced that even if all the others starved to death, still he would survive to reach the island.

( be continued in our next blog)

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