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The Sea Dog and the Treasure Map

The Sea Dog and the Treasure Map

Arrr, Matey! The ol’ Sea Dog here. If ye’ve been following the story, ye know that the dear ol’ Sea Dog has just received a sword thrust to the eye. Now gather round and hear what followed.

The Sea Dog fell to the sand with a loud yelp and didn’t move. Bill saw what he had done and dropped his sword.

“No!” he cried. His hand stroked the dalmatian’s head and caressed his soft ears. “I’ve killed ‘im,” he sobbed. Despite his rough exterior, Bill had always had a soft spot for the Sea Dog and secretly wanted to keep him when they got to his home port. Heartbroken at what he had done, he made up with Abel and slowly began to dig a grave in the sand.

Our friend the Sea Dog kept still, but he ventured to crack one eye half open to watch the proceedings. His wounded eye hurt terribly, but he waited to see what would happen.

Bill dug deeper into the sand, tears falling silently down his face. His hole was more than a foot deep when the shovel struck something hard. Thinking it was a rock, Bill dug around it, hoping it wouldn’t be too big to remove it. As he got the sand cleared away, it quickly became obvious that this was no rock. The sun had set long ago and it was too dark to see, but he worked feverishly to remove the mysterious item from its hiding place.

“Look at this, mates,” Bill called, but everyone except Abel had now fallen asleep. Abel came over and helped Bill to pull the item from the sand.

It was a small box, wide and flat, curiously made of metal and sealed with a tight seal. The two men worked patiently to pry the tight-fitting lid from the bottom. Inside was a piece of paper, but it was too dark to see what it said.

“We’ll have to wait for the morning light,” Abel said. He and Bill began to yawn, and they forgot about burying the Sea Dog as sleep overtook them.

In the morning, Abel and Bill woke up excitedly, eager with the anticipation of reading the paper they had found. They looked around in the morning light and the first thing that they noticed was the Sea Dog, sitting up and looking alert, but with a very bloody wound in his eye.

“He’s alive!” Bill exclaimed! “I didn’t kill him after all!” He tenderly embraced the dalmatian and had a round of high-fives with all the men. The ship’s doctor carefully washed the wound and treated it with ointment while the Sea Dog sat patiently and bravely. The doctor shook his head and said there would be no way to save the eye, and one of the men set to work to make a custom leather patch for the Sea Dog’s eye.

Only then did they all gather around to peer at the paper Bill had found in the night.

“It’s a treasure map!” they all exclaimed with a gasp. “The Sea Dog has led us to a treasure map!”

Suddenly, all the men considered the Sea Dog to be an incredible omen of good luck. Not only had he saved Abel’s life, he had also led them to the beginning of another adventure.


Well, now, the Sea Dog is lookin’ more an’ more like a pirate every day, what with the eye patch an’ all. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, they say. But the fearless character and fun-loving heart of the Sea Dog wasn’t nearly ready to slow down. Oh no, he had many an escapade still left in him. Show your own fearlessness and fun-loving spirit with your very own Sea Dog t-shirt.
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