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The Sea Dog Gets his Name

The Sea Dog Gets his Name

Arrr, Matey! Welcome to the Sea Dog Blog! Our friend, the trusty Sea Dog, has journeyed far and been on many an adventure. Now he has just come to be considered an emblem of very good luck by the crew of his ship, who are just about to set off on an adventure to find a hidden treasure after they dug up a buried treasure map

When the men sailed off in pursuit of the treasure, Bill took a special liking to the Sea Dog, slipping him little scraps of the choicest morsels from his plate, and cleaning and bandaging his wounded eye every day. The Sea Dog sat very still and patiently for this, as if he knew that he needed it. “I’m going to call ye Sparky,” Bill said. “If ye don’t have the sparkiest personality I ever did see--why the way ye jumped into the middle o’ the fray when we was a-goin’ at it--I never did see the like.”

The men sailed on to a crescent-shaped island indicated on the map, and there they cast anchor and took the ship’s boat to land. The map had an X placed far inland, where the men expected that the treasure must be buried in a cave.

The men looked furtively around for any signs of habitation as they pulled the boat up onto the beach, but they saw none. Everything on the island was as calm as it could be, with barely a puff of breeze to rustle the palm fronds. The gleaming white sand stretched before them with not a footprint to be seen. Sparky the Sea Dog sniffed the air cautiously as the men disembarked, and they all proceeded inland towards the thick jungle foliage where they hoped to find the cave.

The jungle proved to be a trackless place that thwarted their progress at every step. The hot, steamy air hung thick about them as the men hacked their way through vines and trunks with their machetes. Nevertheless, the thrill of the pursuit kept the men tirelessly pressing on. Hour after hour, they toiled.

Finally, the thick, lush jungle opened into a clearing of level rock that covered the ground. The men emerged from the foliage, sweaty and breathless, and looked around. To their right was a steep hill piled with large boulders.

“That way!” Bill cried. The men headed for the boulders, each one asking himself, “Now where would I hide a treasure chest if I was going to leave one here?”

Sparky bounded ahead, sniffing the ground and wagging his tail in the newfound freedom of the space to run. When he was almost to the boulder field, a faint rustling sound caught his ear. The dalmatian froze, and so did the men. None of them could see what he was so intently peering at, but the hair on the back of their necks started to stand up as they crept forward to see what it was.

To be continued...

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