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The Sea Dog, Fearless as Ever

The Sea Dog, Fearless as Ever

Sea Dog Treasure Map Shirt

Arrr, Matey! They say it’s easy to spot a Sea Dog, and it’s truly the case when you’re wearing the classy and comfortable t-shirts that sport our pirate logo and the Sea Dog designs. If you’ve never heard of the exploits of Sparky the Sea Dog, pull up a chair and listen to the latest exploits of our trusty dalmatian. In the last episode of our story, the Sea Dog had alerted the men to a potential danger, but they didn’t yet know what it was.

The men crept forward, unsure what dangers lay ahead. All was silent. Even the birds had stopped singing. The Sea Dog was still standing as if transfixed, peering intently to the left as the men, machetes and swords in hand, drew closer. A faint wisp of smoke was their first warning of what lay ahead.

Sparky suddenly charged back towards them, just in time to avoid a blast of fiery breath that scorched the ground where he had just stood. The men looked up in awe to see a magnificent winged dragon raising itself to its full height before them. The Sea Dog barked ferociously as the dragon raised its head and let out another blast of fiery breath towards the sky.

Then they heard the dragon’s deep, guttural voice. “Who dares to disturb my resting place? Who dares to set foot on my stones? Who dares to come after my treasure? Let him who dares beware!”

The Sea Dog, fearless as ever, barked a challenge in reply and then ran straight for the dragon. Bill saw this and ran straight after him, exclaiming, “No! I can’t lose you again.” The dragon, seeing himself thus challenged, prepared to fight, but the Sea Dog was already nipping at his heels and running around behind him, where he constantly worried and distracted him, staying just out of reach.

A few of the men, observing the dragon to be thus distracted, took off running toward the cave to see if they could snag a treasure or two and get away with it. The rest stood with Bill and advanced to attack the dragon. As the dragon circled and jumped this way and that to get at the dalmatian, the men formed a wide circle around it, looking for the best method of attack against the dragon’s tight-forged scales, but cautious to stay out of reach of his fiery breath.

The Sea Dog was too quick for the dragon, but the dragon was clever. Observing the Sea Dog’s eye patch, the dragon began to maneuver himself around towards Sparky’s bad side. As the dalmatian darted in and out, the dragon feigned a movement to the right while simultaneously snaking his head around to the right. The dragon’s mighty jaws caught Sparky’s back leg just below the hock, snapped off his foot, and gulped it down in an instant.

Enraged at this turn of events, Bill charged forward, heedless of his own safety. Seeing his lead, the other men closed in on the dragon.

To be continued.

The same fearless, adventurous spirit of the Sea Dog lives on in our line of short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and other apparel and gear. Count yourself among the ranks when you purchase in the Sea Dog Shop today.

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