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The Sea Dog Gets His Revenge

The Sea Dog Gets His Revenge

Arrr, Matey! Welcome to the rollicking good time you’ll have here on the Sea Dog blog, second only to the great time you’ll have in real life when you get complimented for wearing our Sea Dog line of sportswear, t-shirts, and other apparel and accessories. 



In our last blog post, the Sea Dog had just lost his hind leg to a ferocious dragon that the sailors had encountered while following a treasure map, looking for gold.

The enraged men closed in on the dragon, but what no one counted on was the Sea Dog’s own reflexes. Quicker than thought, just as the dragon snapped off his hind leg below the hock, the dalmatian simultaneously reached up and locked his jaws around the dragon’s throat. Of all the places where he could have chosen, this was the dragon’s one vulnerable spot, where scales gave way to soft skin.

The dragon felt Sparky’s sharp teeth and a painful constriction in his windpipe. He attempted to dislodge the dalmatian with one mighty flick of his head, but the dalmatian wasn’t about to let go that fast. The Sea Dog, still bleeding from his hind leg, bit down in a death grip on the dragon’s throat, and despite being tossed violently up and down, he hung on at all costs.

The sailors, seeing the dragon more distracted than ever, succeeded in getting close enough to land their own sword thrusts on the dragon’s scaly hide, but nothing they did made much impact.

Nevertheless, even a dragon is no match for the combination of a crushed windpipe and ferocious physical activity. The dragon, lacking oxygen, swooned, stumbled, and fell to the ground. Bill ran to the beast and severed the head of the dragon, working carefully around the Sea Dog, who wouldn’t let go of the throat until the last twitch of activity in the dragon’s body had ceased.

Then Sparky stood up on his three good legs and cocked his head to one side, as if to say, “I’ve had my revenge, so let’s go.”

Bill’s companions remembered, “There’s gold in the cave--are we going to get it before we leave?”

“My dog needs attention first,” Bill said, as he ripped his shirt into bandages and tied them around the Sea Dog’s stump. The other men looked anxiously back and forth, torn by their admiration and love for the Sea Dog and their desire for the treasure they had come so far to find.

Just then, the few men who had already gone to the cave emerged, dragging a heavy chest. The sailors all pitched in to carry it back through the jungle to the ship, while the Sea Dog loped along ahead of them as if he had always known how to run on three legs.

“Know what’s coming up in a few days?” one of the men mentioned to his companion as they walked.

“No, what?” the sailor said.

“My favorite holiday--Saint Patty’s day. We are going to have the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration ever when we get to the next port.”

All the men’s eyes widened in recognition and they let out guffaws of rejoicing at the thought. Yes, they were in for a jolly good time, indeed.

But all Bill could think about was the brave Sea Dog and what was the best way to heal his wound.

To Be Continued.

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