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The Sea Dog’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

The Sea Dog’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

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Arrr, Matey! The Old Sea Dog here, at yer service, and a fine, bright St. Patrick’s Day to you all! While the leprechauns are hidin’ their pots of gold at the ends of the rainbows, listen to the tale of the chest of gold my sailors hauled out of the cave and the jolliest St Patty’s Celebration we ever did have.


In the last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, a dragon had chomped off his hind leg, but he didn’t let that stop him from finishing the dragon off in the end anyway. Afterwards, the men walked back to the boat with the heavy treasure chest, traveling over the jungle path they had cut.

In the excitement over the killing of the dragon and the rush to get back to the ship, no one except the men who had gone to the cave had even looked into the chest.

When they reached the shore, the tired men let the chest fall onto the sand with a heavy thump while they stretched their tired muscles. Everyone gathered around curiously to see what it contained.

Inside was a quantity of gold, silver, and precious stones that would make the Spanish crown envious. Everyone was rich!

With much heaving and toil, the men loaded everything up into the boat and rowed to where the ship lay at anchor. The Sea Dog, tired out by now, curled up at the bottom of the boat and licked at the bandages that Bill had put on his stump.

Once on board the ship, Bill had the ship’s doctor look at the wound. He applied a salve and re-bandaged the stump. Meanwhile, Bill set to work creating a perfectly-sized, elegant prosthetic leg out of a carefully carved piece of wood and the top section of an embossed leather holster.

The men sailed with all speed to the closest port, careful to bring only a few coins to land--enough for them to have a jolly St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but not enough to make the town suspicious of the treasure they had hidden on board.

With glee and jubilation, they all entered the nearest inn together, where they caused quite a stir.

“Innkeeper,” the captain roared. People eating at tables grew silent and looked around. “The celebration is on. Drinks for everyone in the house!” Suddenly, the silence turned to grins and laughter as the innkeeper and his crew started passing out the pints. People feasted and danced and sang and pounded each other on the back until late into the night. The innkeeper brought in dish after dish of steaming food, and all the guests ate until they couldn’t contain another morsel.

Probably the biggest winner of all was the Sea Dog, who had the choicest of treats slipped to him under the table from all hands until even he could not longer hold another bite.

To Be Continued.

While the Sea Dog and his mates are having their celebration, what are you doing for St. Patrick’s day? The best St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts are here at the Sea Dog Shop for your St. Patty’s party. Order yours today so that you’re ready for 2018 with your one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s Day shirt.

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