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The World’s Most Interesting Dog

The World’s Most Interesting Dog

Arrr, Matey! The ol’ Sea Dog here, at yer service. Let the ol’ Sea Dog teach you a trick or two about how to triumph over the things you wouldn’t have wished on yourself. Ya see, mate, I’m sittin’ here as living proof. I’ve been through many a hard day, but ya see, when you discover that what doesn’t kill ye makes ye stronger, yer a long way along the road to resilience and good cheer in the face of adversity. So pull up a chair, put up yer tired feet, and sit a spell to hear the next adventure.


In the last segment of the Sea Dog’s story, the men were having a jolly celebration at an inn.

“Now, a storytelling competition,” the captain announced. “The best story wins a gold ring.” The contestants lined up in order, and each one told his best story, causing roars of laughter or gasps of horror by turn. But nobody had as good a story as Bill, who was the last to take the floor.

“I knew a dog once,” he said, “who was the darndest thing I ever seen.” He told of the Sea Dog’s adventures, beginning with how he lost his eye and ending with how he lost his leg.

When he ended his tale, a grizzled old farmer leaned his chair back, wiped his mouth, and spoke. “Naw,” he said. “It ain’t true. No dog ever done such deeds.”

With that, Bill gave a low whistle, and the Sea Dog loped over to him on his three legs, his bandage still in place. “It is, too! And here’s the dog right here!” Sparky gave a resounding “woof!” as if to second that statement.

With that, the whole crowd rushed to embrace the Sea Dog and tell him what a fine animal he was, and Bill won the gold ring amidst much back slapping. “That has got to be the world’s most interesting dog right there,” the skeptical farmer said to Bill.


In time, Sparky’s wound healed, and time flew as he went on voyage after voyage with Bill. The seafaring duo became famous for their exploits and adventures, and in time, Bill himself became the captain of the ship. Their fame and fearlessness spread far and wide, and when the two of them were together, it seemed there was nothing they couldn’t do.

However, nothing would have prepared them for what would befall them on a seemingly innocent trip ashore to replenish their ship’s supply of fresh water at a remote island.

Bill and Sparky were at the spring, absorbed in filling a barrel. Two other men had just departed, carrying their now-full barrel of water back to the ship, and two more were coming back towards them, but the thick underbrush momentarily hid them from view. Suddenly, a number of rough hands snatched Bill from behind, gagged him, and dragged him away through the jungle, writhing and struggling to get free. Sparky would have barked the alarm, but the strangers threw a heavy canvas bag over him, tied it in a knot, and slung it over their shoulder.

Their shipmates didn’t discover their disappearance right away in the confusion of drawing water. Finally, when everyone was back at the ship, all the sailors looked around and said to each other, “Where’s Cap’n?”

“I thought he was with you,” the first two men said.

“No, we left him filling a barrel, and we figured he would come back with you,” the other two answered. Suddenly, a dark and sinister feeling fell over them, and with heavy hearts they retraced their steps to the spring, where they found the clear signs of a tussle and a body being dragged through the vegetation.

The day was drawing toward dusk, and the men stood, indecisive as to what they should do. On the one hand, their impulse was to follow the track immediately. On the other hand, they had insufficient weapons, no light, and no way to get word to the rest of their companions on the ship.

To Be Continued

The exploits of the Sea Dog are celebrated in our line of t-shirts, but when you wear them, you can really think of it as the fact that the Sea Dog is celebrating YOU for your bravery, heroism, fearlessness, and ability to weather adversity. In that spirit, get your Sea Dog t-shirt today!
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