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The Sea Dog Gets Kidnapped

The Sea Dog Gets Kidnapped

Arrr, Matey! The Sea Dog has a bit of an extra growl to have suffered the indignity of being tossed like a carcass into a dark, smelly sack and hauled away over someone’s shoulder. In our last blog post, the Sea Dog and the ship’s captain, Bill, got abducted by some unknown strangers. Tramp, tramp, tramp, went their feet along the barely-visible jungle path. Bill was grateful that they stopped dragging him and made him walk, but he couldn’t convince them to free Sparky. For hours they traveled, until they crested a rise and Bill saw the sea on the other side of the island, with a ship at anchor bearing a red flag with a black skull-and-crossbones.

A rival pirate gang!

Bill’s heart sank, but there was nothing for it but to hope that his own shipmates would be close on his track. However, when he got a little further and saw the number of warrior-like pirates encamped up and down the beach, he suddenly reversed his wish and hoped that the few men who had come ashore with him in the ship’s boat to get water would not come after him. They would need the entire ship’s crew to fight against this bunch.

Bill raised his head high as they descended down the hill and he came face to face with his arch-rival, the captain and fearsome pirate Gloomsday.

“Well, if it isn’t my good friend Bill,” Gloomsday said with a sneer. The Sea Dog squirmed in his sack at the pirate’s tone of voice.

“The seas are about to be so much...nicer...freer...sweeeeter,” Gloomsday continued, in a voice dripping with honey, “without this plague and scourge of the seas and his lame sidekick.” Gloomsday’s gaze darted to the sack where the Sea Dog was writhing in eagerness to get out.

Sparky heard Gloomsday’s footsteps approach and smelled his foul odor. He felt a hand touch the sack right on his neck. Just a few inches further down, and I can bite. Sparky willed the hand to travel down the sack. It did. His teeth snapped through the heavy burlap and latched on tight to Gloomsday’s fingers. Gloomsday gave a shout and a jerk, and the bag went flying, releasing the Sea Dog, who went running in circles and barking, staying just out of reach of the men, who kept running for him and diving to catch him, but in vain.

However, the melee was not enough of a distraction to give Bill the chance to escape. Strong arms hustled him toward the ship’s boat.

“Oh yes, do I ever have plans for you,” Gloomsday whispered to Bill in a sinister voice. “Don’t even think of getting rescued. You might as well abandon all hope now.” Bill held his head high and refused to answer.


Meanwhile, back on the other side of the island, Bill’s crew held a hurried conference. “Look at the tread marks on the ground,” one of them said. “Boots. These were not natives who took our Captain. Natives would have just speared them, anyway. If there are men here, then they must have a ship, and if that’s the case, we would be no match for them anyway if we follow them by ourselves. Let’s go back to our mates in the ship and sail around the island.”

It was already too late in the day, but they made haste to load up their barrels of fresh water into the ship’s boat and row back to the ship.

When they arrived there without their brave captain and his fearless dalmatian, there was no small amount of consternation among the crew. Fists clenched and men set their jaws with determination to do whatever it took to rescue their captain.

“Weigh anchor!” the first mate shouted. The ship started to move, and the crew worked all night to stealthily move along the coast of the island and around to the other side.

To Be Continued...

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