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In the last segment of our story, the Sea Dog and his crew had just narrowly escaped a watery grave in the digestive tract of a huge sea monster, and now they were headed home for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

After the adventures they had had, the voyage was mostly uneventful. As they sailed, the ship’s crew started discussing what they would do with the treasures that they had amassed in the course of their journeys.

“We can’t just march ashore with a huge chest of gold and treasure and not cause a stir,” they agreed. “What are we going to do?”

“It seems we need a good plan to smuggle our loot home,” Bill said. “Who has an idea?”

“Maybe we could hide it among the sacks of flour and corn,” someone said.

“That’s not a bad idea—but we’re almost out of food provisions,” the cook said.

“What if we pretended that one of us died, and we carry the treasure off the ship in a coffin?” someone else offered.

“Hmmm… but everyone would wonder why we didn’t bury that person at sea. And anyway, we don’t have a coffin,” another man said.

“What do we have on board that we can hide this much treasure in?”

“Yes, it has to be something that it would be normal for a vessel to carry and that won’t excite any suspicion.”

“What about the ballast?” one of the sailors asked.

“That’s a good idea,” everyone agreed. So they all set to work loading cartons and sacks by placing a little bit of treasure at the bottom and filling it the rest of the way with stones and sand that they were carrying as ballast.

Each man got a sack with his portion of the treasure and made his own personally-identifying mark to maintain it separate from the others. There was enough for every man to have a comfortable enough livelihood to retire from the sea if he wanted to, though many of the sailors maintained that they would never be able to leave their seafaring ways behind.

When they reached port, the sailors went their separate ways, and Bill, the Sea Dog, and Peter went together towards Bill’s home.

Just before they reached the house, Bill stopped at an inn. “If I’m going to surprise my wife and daughter, I’m going to buy a nice dinner for the five of us to eat.” Bill got the innkeeper to pack him a fine meal of roast turkey, dressing, two kinds of pudding, vegetable dishes, a hot soup, and a few bottles of wine.

To be continued…

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Arrrr, Matey! The Old Sea Dog here, ready with another fine story from the legend that may or may not be absolutely true. There’s no doubt about it: this dalmatian seems to get himself into — and out of — more adventures than the most grizzled old sailor you ever did see. If you’re the same way, you might find a piece or two of the Sea Dog clothing line that strikes you as a mighty fine representative of your style. Try out our t-shirts today.

In the last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, the crew had just had a narrow escape from a watery grave when a monster swallowed up some enemy pirates as if they were so many prawns. The oldest sailor on the ship was about to speak to Peter, the cabin boy, about the identity of the monster.

“My boy, in all my born days, I never did see the like, but my grandpappy described a close encounter with a monster near the Norwegian fjords. He called it a Hagufa, but I call it a Kraken. The monster so terrified my grandsire that he never took to the sea again, not wishin’ to risk another like experience. He barely escaped with his life.”

All the men breathed a sigh of relief at having escaped with their lives, and Bill laid a fond and only slightly-shaking hand on the Sea Dog’s head.

“Sparky,” he said, “Ye’ve saved us again. How’d ye know it, my lad?”

Sparky only looked up merrily at Bill’s face with a panting tongue that looked like a grin.

“I’m glad I listened to ye,” Bill continued. “The time I don’t listen to this-here Sea Dog is the time I need to have my head examined.”

Bill looked around at his men. He saw the haggardness of fear and stress still lingering on the faces of his men. He stood up and addressed them.

“Men,” he said, “We’ve all been on duty too long. “In celebration of all the good luck the Sea Dog has brought us, I propose a holiday,” he said. “Whaddya say?”

“Hip hip, hurrah!” one man cried, and everyone joined in the cheer.

“Let’s go home,” Bill said. “We’ve got a ship full of treasure and I’d say we all deserve a rest. We’ll all be rich when we go home, and we can take to the sea next summer! Peter, you come with me, lad. We’ll have a fine time at home. My wife and daughter haven’t seen my face for many a day.”

This boosted everyone’s spirits, and as Sparky capered up and down the length of the ship, he caught sight of the ship’s last rat. As he flung it far overboard, he caused another cheer and a roar of laughter.

“If it weren’t for that Sparky, I don’t know what we would’ve done,” someone said. “He sure is a fine Sea Dog. I don’t know if any other dog has had half his adventures.”

The Sea Dog cocked his head quizzically as if he were thinking back to the day when he sailed to the island of eternal youth and remembering all the stories that his favorite ship’s crew had no way of knowing. And he probably had an inkling that there would be many adventures to come.

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In the last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, the Dalmatian was urgently sensing an unknown danger and wanted to get away from the mysterious island that the fighting pirate ships had drawn close to.

As the ship’s mates pulled hard on the oars and let the wind fill the sails to hurry away from the island, the men took a look back at the enemy pirate ship that belonged to Gloomsday. Its red flag with the black skull and crossbones waved merrily in the breeze, belying the ship’s dilapidated condition after suffering much cannon fire.

Gloomsday’s sailors anchored the ship in the small inlet of calm water that was surrounded by protruding rocky outcroppings at varying intervals. The men were busy about casting some nets to catch the many fish that had crowded into the area to feed, when all of a sudden, there was a great upheaval in the sea.

What had appeared to be land was not land at all. It heaved and rose up. The men in the Sea Dog’s ship gave a yell of terror and felt themselves to be not at a safe distance at all, so they made even more haste to get away.

It was a giant beast that arose from the sea. The “harbor” of calm water where the ship was anchored and the fish were feeding proved to be the bottom jaw of a giant mouth, and what had appeared to be a nearby cliff proved to be the upper jaw. As it started closing down on top of the whole mass, Gloomsday’s sailors immediately jumped overboard to try to escape from their doom by swimming, but it was to no avail. The giant mouth, high above the mast of their ship, now clamped down on ship, men, fish, and all, and the ship splintered into bits as if it was a bunch of toothpicks. That was the last that was ever seen of Gloomsday or anything pertaining to him.

The Sea Dog’s men saw a pair of huge eyes and nostrils and a waving mass of many tentacles as the creature submerged slowly back down into the watery depths. Its descent created a whirlpool so strong that the crew of the Sea Dog’s vessel barely managed to escape being sucked down into the watery depths with it.

Only when it was gone again did the terrified men find their voices again, but it was in hushed whispers, as if they did not wish to be overheard by the creature that they knew to be below them.

“What was that?” Peter asked.

An old and grizzled sailor spoke in answer.

To be continued…


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Ahoy, matey, and welcome to the blog of the hearty and salty old Sea Dog. You’re in the right place for a woof and a wag and a rollickin’ good time of adventure. Stories of the fearless dalmatian with his eye patch and peg leg are famous far and wide, so why not pull on your favorite Sea Dog t-shirt, draw up a chair, and chat a spell?

In our last blog post, the Sea Dog’s crew was gearing up for an encounter with the dread pirate Gloomsday, a character they’d rather not have had to mess with.

The enemy ship drew nearer and nearer, despite the best efforts of the crew to keep ahead.

“She’s a speedy one,” the sailors muttered under their breath. “But we’ll resist ‘em.”

When the ship got within striking distance, the sailors expected the cannon balls to start flying, but to their surprise, they saw no cannons aboard the vessel.

“So that’s how it moves so fast. But what are they up to?” the sailors wondered.

Gloomsday’s men were setting up a strange contraption that looked like a giant catapult on the ship’s deck. As they got within striking distance, they loaded up the bucket with a payload of grenades whose fuses had been lit, and they sent them all flying toward the Sea Dog’s ship.

Quick as lightning, as the grenades hit the deck, the Sea Dog took off for the first one, bravely grabbed it by the rope fuse, and tossed it off the ship, the same way he had done with the rats. A cheer went off from the throats of all the men, and they all scrambled to help the Sea Dog, throwing the grenades overboard. In this way, they succeeded in ridding their ship of all the grenades, and not one caused damage or injury.

Gloomsday’s ship sent a hail of grenades again and again, and each time, Sparky and the ship’s crew bravely hunted each one down and tossed it overboard. This caused no end of frustration to the pirates on Gloomsday’s ship. In return for the grenades, Bill ordered his sailors to fire the cannons. The two ships were now at such close range that almost all of the cannon balls hit their mark, doing great damage to Gloomsday while leaving the Sea Dog’s ship relatively unscathed.

A rain of arrows followed, Gloomsday seemingly having run out of grenades, and the two ships fought furiously. Under the sustained cannon fire, however, the enemy pirate ship began to founder. After many hours of fighting, the two ships came together, and hand-to-hand combat began.

Gloomsday went straight for Bill, and the two started to fight.

“Of all the fish in the sea, I had to run into you,” Bill said to Gloomsday in an irritated tone of voice. “What do you want from us, anyway?”

“At first I only wanted revenge,” Gloomsday said in a smooth, suave voice that contained an undertone of glee, “but now I want far more than that. Rumor has it that you have a mighty fine treasure on board, and I aim to capture that for myself. And since you've just about sunk my ship, me and my men will have to take over yours.”

At hearing these words, the Sea Dog growled. There was no way that Gloomsday was going to get away with this.

To Be Continued...

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Arrrr, Matey! Yer in the lair of the old Sea Dog, the rough and readiest old dalmatian ever ta sail the high seas. Pull on yer favorite, super-soft Sea Dog tee and relax with yer favorite brew to read all about the adventures and shenanigans of the Sea Dog.

In our last blog, our beloved Sea Dog was entertaining the ship’s crew with his discovery that he could fling rats overboard by their tails. They roared with praise every time, knowing that the loyal dalmatian was slowly but surely ridding the ship of the plague of rats that was robbing their food supply and threatening to multiply out of control.

With Peter’s patient training and an endless supply of treats from his friend, the cook, Sparky quickly displayed a keen intelligence and an ever-growing supply of tricks. He mastered simple commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “fetch” so fast that Peter moved on to more advanced ideas. In no time, the Sea Dog had learned useful tasks like how to open and close a door, grab the end of a rope in his mouth and bring it to a sailor, or retrieve loose items and put them in a box.

Bill beamed with pride at the Sea Dog’s progress. “You’re a smart fella,” he would say, with a fond pat on the Sea Dog’s head. “Is there anything you can’t do?”

The monotonous days on calm seas ended one day when the pirates spotted a ship on the horizon. It seemed to be moving their way.

The next morning, it was closer.

“They’re gaining on us, Cap’n,” one of the sailors said. “Reckon they’re coming after us?”

Bill peered through the spyglass and thought he saw a tint of red where the ship’s flag would be, but it was still too far away to tell for sure.

“Gloomsday again, maybe,” he muttered, and a scowl creased his brow. “I’ve had one too many run-ins with him for a lifetime.”

“Gloomsday? That lily-livered, scurvy swine? I’d like to see him try any of his yellow-bellied scoundrel tricks on us again,” the sailor said, clenching and unclenching his fist. “Why, it was all on his account that we almost lost you — you and Sparky, too!”

At the sound of the word “Gloomsday,” the ears of the nearby sailors perked up, and in moments, the entire crew was fuming.

“A drubbing would be too good for the likes o’ him. I’d like to see him get a nice dose of the keel haul after what he done.”

The men geared up for battle while also raising the sails to catch the sea breezes and delay the approach of the other ship.

The next morning, the enemy ship was even closer. Now they could clearly see Gloomsday’s red flag with its black skull and crossbones.

“He won’t get away this time,” Bill said to himself.

The Sea Dog stretched his neck forward and sniffed the breeze, and the hackles on the back of his neck started rising.

To be continued…

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In our last blog post, the Sea Dog’s crew was just reminiscing about the Sea Dog, telling all the stories they knew to the new cabin boy, Peter.

The ship sailed on for days, and all the men breathed a huge sigh of relief at the fact that their captain was back with them, safe and sound, after his recent close call. However, relief gave way to monotony as the days wore on. Calm seas and not much to do caused more than one of the sailors to feel the itch for action.

Peter seemed to be the only one who wasn’t bored. Life aboard the ship was a new experience for him, a grand adventure after his confined life in the small harbor town that he had left behind.

In his free time, he spent many hours training Sparky. The first skill he learned was accidental, and it was almost a game between Sparky and the boy.

It all started with a rat — actually, a family of rats — who had managed to sneak aboard the ship in one of the crates of provisions that the sailors had brought aboard. The rats began to wreak havoc, driving the cook crazy with the destruction and filth that they spread. Every night, it seemed there were new holes eaten into the bags of flour that the ship carried. The cook tried in vain to catch the rats, but they outsmarted all his traps. It seemed there was simply no way to get rid of them, and the cook wrung his hands in despair over the waste and mess that the rats were causing.

One day, when there was nothing to be done but look for entertainment, Peter and the Sea Dog were playing a game of tug of war with a knotted rope, when suddenly, a rat scurried across the deck. Both of them spied it at the same time and took off in pursuit of the rat. The rat scurried under the doorway into the captain’s cabin, and Peter and the dalmatian followed. They slammed the door shut and stuffed rags under the door to block the only exit. From there, a hilarious game of hide-and-seek ensued, with the rat scurrying from side to side in the room.

Finally, the Sea Dog caught the rat, but just barely. He snapped up its tail and held up his head proudly with the rat dangling from his mouth.

The two proceeded from the cabin and the Sea Dog practically strutted around the deck with his prize dangling from his mouth. However, the rat grew tired of being paraded around and decided to make a violent attempt to free himself, which led to the Sea Dog shaking his head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth —

And the tail of the rat slipped from the Sea Dog’s mouth and the rat was flung through the air until it landed with a plop in the sea.

At this, all of the men gave an involuntary cheer, led by the cook, who said, “Do it again, Sparky!” The dalmatian practically glowed with the praise and went sniffing for another rat.

For the next several days, the Sea Dog chased rats and got quite good at catching them by their tails and flinging them into the sea.

“Isn’t that something, now?” the ship’s cook said. “Any other dog would’ve just ‘et em up, but not our Sea Dog. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve.”

To be continued…

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Arrr, Matey! Welcome to the Sea Dog blog, where ye’ll find the magnificent adventures of the Sea Dog, the beloved dalmatian with the peg leg, eye patch, and earring.

In our last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, our trusty friend had just been rescued from a watery grave by a boy who noticed his plight. The two rested on the shore, panting and full of relief at the success of the rescue.

“Let’s go find your peg leg,” the boy exclaimed. “I saw where that man dropped it on the ground. I hope it’s still there.”

The two went together to the place where Brutus had caught the Sea Dog, and they searched on the side of the road, where they finally found it in a patch of tall weeds. The boy carefully attached it, and the Sea Dog trotted by his side, grateful to no longer be a tripod. The two of them went together to a remote, hollowed-out place in the base of a cliff where the boy usually stayed.

“I’m going to catch a fish for you and me to eat,” the boy said. He cast a line into the sea and caught a couple of fine fish. Then he cleaned the fish, built a fire, and carefully cooked the fish over the coals. He allowed the Sea Dog’s fish to cool before offering it to him, and the two ate together happily.

“I’m awful happy to have a friend,” the boy said. “I’m glad you lived.” The Sea Dog rested his head on the boy’s knee and the boy stroked his ears. “Why anyone would want to kill you is beyond me.”

The next morning, the two of them went to the wharf and the boy went from one ship to the next, looking for work. “Mister, need any help? Got any work for a boy to do? Hey sailor, need an able-bodied boy to help you?” But everyone brushed him aside, looking at his ragged clothes and not taking him seriously.

Finally, the two of them found an out-of-the-way place and sat, watching the bustle of activity as the ships came and went.

It was late afternoon when Bill and his crew arrived at the wharf to return to their ship. They were full of mixed feelings, joyful at the return of their captain, but sorrowful over the loss of their beloved Sea Dog.

As they neared the ship, the boy observed them and knew that he had not yet approached them for a job. Here, he thought, was one last chance.

He got up and drew near to the group of sailors, the Sea Dog following him, and he started to say, “Mister, got any work—” when to his surprise, the captain’s face broke into a wide smile and he stretched his arms open wide. The boy wasn’t sure what to make of this reception until he saw, an instant later, the Sea Dog race from behind him and rush up to the captain, wagging and yelping with delight.

“Sparky!” Bill exclaimed. “I didn’t think I would ever see you again! How did you escape?” He raised his eyes to the boy standing there.

“What’s your name, son?” he asked.

“Peter, sir,” the boy said.

“Know anything about this dog, my boy?” Bill said.

Peter told him the story, and Bill and the sailors made exclamations of admiration as they listened.

“You have saved my dog’s life, Peter,” Bill said solemnly when Peter had finished. “I’d like to give you a reward. The 3000 ducats that we didn’t need to use to buy me back are yours. Plus, our ship needs a cabin boy. Would you like to sail on with us? I’ll give you your training and your pay.”

“Yes, sir!” Peter exclaimed. “Thank you, sir.”

“Welcome aboard,” Bill said, and there was much back-slapping and congratulations all around.

To be continued.

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Arrr, Matey! The legend of the Sea Dog continues.... or has it ended? In the last episode, the cruel Brutus claimed to have done away with the beloved Dalmatian. So pull up a chair and a hot drink, and enjoy what we hope is one of the most interesting blogs on the internet.


Bill’s heart sank when he heard of his loyal dog’s fate, but he resolved to be brave and true. His spirits rose when he saw his three men running out of the woods towards Brutus, but then they sank again when he saw four other thug-like men emerge behind them.

Brutus was so focused on the prisoners in front of him that he didn’t hear the three sailors coming. They reached Brutus and staggered him with powerful blows, but then the other four thugs plus the overseer joined the melee and the fistfight was on.

Bill and his companions were chained together through their leg irons, so the group of them only had limited mobility, but they were arranged in a circle back to back, with machetes out.

Just when it seemed like Brutus and his friends were getting the upper hand, a bugle blast pierced the roars and cries of the fighting men, causing everyone to look around in surprise. The rest of Bill’s ship’s crew came rushing into the clearing, accompanied by members of the town’s militia.

Brutus and his men were quickly subdued, the chains removed from the prisoners, and order restored.

The leader of the local militia recognized his nephew among the captives, a man who had disappeared without a trace some weeks before.

“So, Brutus, you’re the culprit behind these disappearances,” he said quietly. “You’ll have to answer for this.”

There was a lot of hearty back-thumping and congratulating among the members of Bill’s crew, and then everyone remembered Sparky.

“What did you do with my dog?” Bill demanded of Brutus.

“Oh, I tossed him in a sack and threw him into the sea,” he said, with a gleam of triumph in his eyes. “You’ll never see him again.”

The atmosphere changed to one of sadness and indignation. Fists clenched and unclenched as the men remembered their beloved Sea Dog.

Bill retorted back, “Well just remember that no one would ever have found us without him. And now you are being brought to justice. So just think about the fact that he got his revenge, even from the bottom of the sea.”

What no one knew was that a street boy had seen Brutus catch the Sea Dog and throw him into the sack. He had followed, unobserved, as Brutus marched to the wharf and threw the sack into the water. And when Brutus left, satisfied, the boy had dived after the sack with a small, sharp knife in his hand. As he cut open the sack to release the Sea Dog, the dalmatian swam up to the surface and both of them reached land together.

On the shore, the Sea Dog shook the water out of his ears and the boy embraced him. “I’ve always wanted a dog,” he said. “Will you be my pal?”

To be continued.

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Arrr, Matey! Welcome to the Sea Dog blog, where ye’ll read the rollickin’ legend of the favorite dalmatian of the sea and the land. This fearless sailor, Sparky, has already lost a leg and an eye, but that won’t stop him from his grand adventures. Just now, his master has been captured and no one knows where he was taken, and it’s up to the Sea Dog to find him.


As Brutus turned his back on the Sea Dog, his first mate sprang into action. “Don’t you worry, Sparky,” he said, as the dalmatian looked earnestly up to him. He caressed the dog’s ears. “We’ll find him, come what may. But we need you to sniff his trail.”

The first mate had a brief consultation with a number of the other sailors. He gestured to four of the men. “You go around to the back gate and follow the Sea Dog wherever the trail leads. I’m going to the authorities to get a posse together, and we’ll follow after you.”

The Sea Dog dashed around to the back gate with the sailors following closely behind him. He picked up Bill’s scent and took off at a steady, loping pace.

The five of them quickly left the last vestiges of civilization and found themselves traveling down a narrow jungle trail. The Sea Dog knew the scent was getting stronger and stronger, and he began to bay with joy as they moved quickly along. The men were beginning to feel tired when the Sea Dog suddenly veered off on a tiny, barely-discernible trail on the left.

“We’re close,” one of the men said. They slowed their pace as they sensed they were coming to some sort of clearing. Even the Sea Dog seemed to sense the need for silence as he ran ahead into the clearing, while the men held back, hidden in the shadows. They watched as the Sea Dog ran up to a small cluster of people in leg irons, chained to each other, who were using machetes to create a jungle clearing under the watchful eye of an overseer. Bill was one of them.

Sparky ran straight up to Bill, causing him to drop his machete and embrace his trusty friend.

“Hey!” the overseer yelled. “What are you doing there? Get back to work.” He lunged to catch the Sea Dog, but Sparky was too quick and dashed away, escaping the man’s grasp.

A smile spread over Bill’s face, as he suspected that the rest of his mates would not be far behind.

The other sailors who had remained hidden in the jungle quickly conferred with each other. “Abel, you run back,” they said. “The first mate will be coming along shortly with a posse, and he’ll need to know the way. We’ll stay here and keep an eye on Bill.”

Abel gave a nod of understanding and dashed back along the jungle trail where he had come. However, dusk was falling fast.

To be continued.

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Arrr, Matey! In our last blog, the trusty old Sea Dog and his master had just gotten kidnapped by the dread Pirate Gloomsday, and they were being taken far away, against their will, from their ship and their mates, who were pursuing at a good distance back.

Once Bill had whittled an elegant little cavity in Sparky’s peg leg, he rolled up a small blank scrap of paper around a pencil stub, slipped it into the slot, and fitted a piece of cork into the opening. The cork was tight enough to hold anything in place and ensure a comfortable place for the Sea Dog’s stump to rest.

Not long after that, they arrived at port.

The pirates roughly snatched Bill and the Sea Dog out of their cages and hustled them ashore, where Sparky escaped from the grasp of his captors as soon as they were on land. They proceeded straight to the slave market, with Sparky following at a safe distance, close enough to keep an eye on his master, but far enough away to evade being recaptured.

Gloomsday promptly sold Bill to the highest bidder, a cruel giant of a man named Brutus who led Bill away in irons, heedless of Bill’s protests that this was illegal and improper slavery.

With a gruff voice, Bill’s new owner stated, “I ain’t worried about that, son. Where I’m takin’ ya, there ain’t nobody gonna find ya, legal or illegal. You better get used to the fact that I’m yer master now, and you’ll do as I say. Or else.” This last word was pronounced with a gleam of something almost like delight in the master’s eye at the thought of carrying out his threat.

Bill still held his head high and refused to answer. In his peripheral vision, he caught sight of his trusty mate, the Sea Dog, slinking along in the shadows, keeping up with them without seeming obvious, and a little smile twitched involuntarily at the corners of his mouth.

Brutus saw this brief expression flit across Bill’s face, and it enraged him. “Just who do you think you are?” he roared, and he gave Bill a blow across the face that would have brought a lesser man to his knees. “You’ll soon learn who’s boss.”

They reached a gated compound where Brutus led Bill to a filthy shack and chained him to the wall. “Give up all hope now, ye defiant sailor,” he snarled. Bill just glared back.

When Brutus had left, the Sea Dog snuck into the shack and lay down next to Bill. “Yer my best friend,” Bill said, as he stroked Sparky’s ears. “And with luck, yer gonna help me get outta here.” He gently removed the Sea Dog’s wooden leg and carefully wrote a message on the paper, rolled it up, inserted it back inside, and inserted the cork. “Now you go run find my mates,” he said.

Sparky took off, slipped under the gate, and ran back to the harbor, where Bill’s ship was just coming into port. He barked with glee at the familiar ship and the shipmates he knew so well.

They pointed excitedly. “There’s our Sparky!” they said. “But where’s Cap’n?”

To Be Continued...


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