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The Old Sea Dog in the Battle with Gloomsday

The Old Sea Dog in the Battle with Gloomsday

Ahoy, matey, and welcome to the blog of the hearty and salty old Sea Dog. You’re in the right place for a woof and a wag and a rollickin’ good time of adventure. Stories of the fearless dalmatian with his eye patch and peg leg are famous far and wide, so why not pull on your favorite Sea Dog t-shirt, draw up a chair, and chat a spell?

In our last blog post, the Sea Dog’s crew was gearing up for an encounter with the dread pirate Gloomsday, a character they’d rather not have had to mess with.

The enemy ship drew nearer and nearer, despite the best efforts of the crew to keep ahead.

“She’s a speedy one,” the sailors muttered under their breath. “But we’ll resist ‘em.”

When the ship got within striking distance, the sailors expected the cannon balls to start flying, but to their surprise, they saw no cannons aboard the vessel.

“So that’s how it moves so fast. But what are they up to?” the sailors wondered.

Gloomsday’s men were setting up a strange contraption that looked like a giant catapult on the ship’s deck. As they got within striking distance, they loaded up the bucket with a payload of grenades whose fuses had been lit, and they sent them all flying toward the Sea Dog’s ship.

Quick as lightning, as the grenades hit the deck, the Sea Dog took off for the first one, bravely grabbed it by the rope fuse, and tossed it off the ship, the same way he had done with the rats. A cheer went off from the throats of all the men, and they all scrambled to help the Sea Dog, throwing the grenades overboard. In this way, they succeeded in ridding their ship of all the grenades, and not one caused damage or injury.

Gloomsday’s ship sent a hail of grenades again and again, and each time, Sparky and the ship’s crew bravely hunted each one down and tossed it overboard. This caused no end of frustration to the pirates on Gloomsday’s ship. In return for the grenades, Bill ordered his sailors to fire the cannons. The two ships were now at such close range that almost all of the cannon balls hit their mark, doing great damage to Gloomsday while leaving the Sea Dog’s ship relatively unscathed.

A rain of arrows followed, Gloomsday seemingly having run out of grenades, and the two ships fought furiously. Under the sustained cannon fire, however, the enemy pirate ship began to founder. After many hours of fighting, the two ships came together, and hand-to-hand combat began.

Gloomsday went straight for Bill, and the two started to fight.

“Of all the fish in the sea, I had to run into you,” Bill said to Gloomsday in an irritated tone of voice. “What do you want from us, anyway?”

“At first I only wanted revenge,” Gloomsday said in a smooth, suave voice that contained an undertone of glee, “but now I want far more than that. Rumor has it that you have a mighty fine treasure on board, and I aim to capture that for myself. And since you've just about sunk my ship, me and my men will have to take over yours.”

At hearing these words, the Sea Dog growled. There was no way that Gloomsday was going to get away with this.

To Be Continued...

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