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The Sea Dog And The Appearance Of A Mysterious Island

The Sea Dog And The Appearance Of A Mysterious Island

Ahoy, matey, and welcome to the Old Sea Dog’s storytelling lair. Come and enjoy the legend of the dalmatian with the eye patch and peg leg who never seems to be at a loss for adventure. You can celebrate your own adventures and shenanigans with a Sea Dog t-shirt made of the finest, ring-spun cotton that is 100% pre-shrunk. You’ll love the variety of nautical motifs, cheeky sayings, pirate designs, and patriotic themes on our shirts, so shop today to find your favorites.

In the last segment of our story, the pirates on the Sea Dog’s ship were fighting in hand-to-hand combat with the dread pirate Gloomsday, who was bent on taking away all the treasure that Bill’s crew had amassed over the course of their recent adventures with the Sea Dog.

The melee was filled with angry shouts from Bill’s crew about all the injuries they had sustained at the hands of Gloomsday and his men. Sparky himself remembered how the cruel man had thrown him into a sack, and he darted in and out as Bill and Gloomsday fought, placing more than one well-timed bite on Gloomsday’s legs before streaking away out of reach.

Suddenly, over the confused noise of fighting, one of the ship’s mates cried, “Laaaand hoy! Land ahead! Weigh anchor! Sandbar, starboard side!”

The men all stopped fighting in dazed confusion. “What? We were in the middle of the deep ocean. How did we come near land so fast?” But there it was before all their eyes - a large island with several rough rock outcroppings projecting up out of the water.

A huge number of fish was teeming in the water all around them, leaping and darting to and fro and swimming toward a murky, brown area near the land. The little fish started greedily eating what was in the water.

Gloomsday saw his lucky break and changed his manner from that of a fierce pirate to a cordial merchant.

“Well, it’s been nice doing business with you,” he said. “I guess this is where my men and I will weigh anchor to do some — ahem — repairs on our ship and stock up on foodstuffs. But make no mistake. We’ll be back.”

He and his men high-tailed it to their own ship and began limping toward a calm, harbor-like point of the island, leaving the Sea Dog’s crew momentarily stupefied with surprise.

Bill and his men hadn’t watched the enemy ship depart for long when they became aware that the Sea Dog was extremely agitated. He barked and dashed away to the side of the ship that was opposite the side of the island. He repeated this behavior again and again, tugging at Bill’s shirttails in between his dashes to the side of the ship.

“What is it, Sparky?” Bill said.

Sparky went to the ropes that the sailors used to hoist the sails, and he began tugging on the first one with all his might.

Then, barking and whining, he dashed to the edge of the ship and stood, quivering, straining his neck in that direction.

“He wants us to go somewhere,” Peter said. “He seems to be afraid of something.”

Sparky barked in the affirmative, and everyone looked to Bill for a decision.

“Hoist the sails,” Bill said. “For a fearless, seasoned seafarer like him, something’s wrong. And he’s been right about gettin’ us out of a pickle more than once.”

But even as the men hoisted the sails and they filled with the sea breeze, the Sea Dog wasn’t satisfied. He barked with even more agitation and ran to the oars. He nudged the oars with his nose and ran back to Bill, practically yelping with alarm.

“All righty, mate,” Bill said. “I’ll go along with it.”

Then he shouted the command to the crew. “Man the oars! All speed ahead! Make haste! Away from the island.”

The men began rowing, and helped by the wind in their full sails, they moved away from the island with as much speed as they could.

To be continued…

While you’re waiting for the next segment of the legend of the Old Sea Dog, why not come to the Sea Dog Shop and buy a couple of t-shirts for yourself and your buddies? You’ll all enjoy our short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts that feature the artwork depicting the Sea Dog’s accomplishments and witty look at life. Shop today!
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