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The Sea Dog Escapes The Sea Monster

The Sea Dog Escapes The Sea Monster

Aarrr, Matey! The old Sea Dog here, wishin’ ye a fine day of adventure and a rowdy good time. Why not sit a spell with yer old friend, the loyal dalmatian with the eye patch and peg leg? The old Sea Dog is your mate when it comes to fantastic, legendary adventures on the land and sea, and you can even get the t-shirt!

In the last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, the Dalmatian was urgently sensing an unknown danger and wanted to get away from the mysterious island that the fighting pirate ships had drawn close to.

As the ship’s mates pulled hard on the oars and let the wind fill the sails to hurry away from the island, the men took a look back at the enemy pirate ship that belonged to Gloomsday. Its red flag with the black skull and crossbones waved merrily in the breeze, belying the ship’s dilapidated condition after suffering much cannon fire.

Gloomsday’s sailors anchored the ship in the small inlet of calm water that was surrounded by protruding rocky outcroppings at varying intervals. The men were busy about casting some nets to catch the many fish that had crowded into the area to feed, when all of a sudden, there was a great upheaval in the sea.

What had appeared to be land was not land at all. It heaved and rose up. The men in the Sea Dog’s ship gave a yell of terror and felt themselves to be not at a safe distance at all, so they made even more haste to get away.

It was a giant beast that arose from the sea. The “harbor” of calm water where the ship was anchored and the fish were feeding proved to be the bottom jaw of a giant mouth, and what had appeared to be a nearby cliff proved to be the upper jaw. As it started closing down on top of the whole mass, Gloomsday’s sailors immediately jumped overboard to try to escape from their doom by swimming, but it was to no avail. The giant mouth, high above the mast of their ship, now clamped down on ship, men, fish, and all, and the ship splintered into bits as if it was a bunch of toothpicks. That was the last that was ever seen of Gloomsday or anything pertaining to him.

The Sea Dog’s men saw a pair of huge eyes and nostrils and a waving mass of many tentacles as the creature submerged slowly back down into the watery depths. Its descent created a whirlpool so strong that the crew of the Sea Dog’s vessel barely managed to escape being sucked down into the watery depths with it.

Only when it was gone again did the terrified men find their voices again, but it was in hushed whispers, as if they did not wish to be overheard by the creature that they knew to be below them.

“What was that?” Peter asked.

An old and grizzled sailor spoke in answer.

To be continued…


The Sea Dog’s good humor and fearless spirit live on in the line of custom artwork shirts that feature everything from treasure maps to mermaids and lots of things in between. Shop today!
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