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The Sea Dog’s Crew Earns A Holiday

The Sea Dog’s Crew Earns A Holiday

Arrrr, Matey! The Old Sea Dog here, ready with another fine story from the legend that may or may not be absolutely true. There’s no doubt about it: this dalmatian seems to get himself into — and out of — more adventures than the most grizzled old sailor you ever did see. If you’re the same way, you might find a piece or two of the Sea Dog clothing line that strikes you as a mighty fine representative of your style. Try out our t-shirts today.

In the last episode of the legend of the old Sea Dog, the crew had just had a narrow escape from a watery grave when a monster swallowed up some enemy pirates as if they were so many prawns. The oldest sailor on the ship was about to speak to Peter, the cabin boy, about the identity of the monster.

“My boy, in all my born days, I never did see the like, but my grandpappy described a close encounter with a monster near the Norwegian fjords. He called it a Hagufa, but I call it a Kraken. The monster so terrified my grandsire that he never took to the sea again, not wishin’ to risk another like experience. He barely escaped with his life.”

All the men breathed a sigh of relief at having escaped with their lives, and Bill laid a fond and only slightly-shaking hand on the Sea Dog’s head.

“Sparky,” he said, “Ye’ve saved us again. How’d ye know it, my lad?”

Sparky only looked up merrily at Bill’s face with a panting tongue that looked like a grin.

“I’m glad I listened to ye,” Bill continued. “The time I don’t listen to this-here Sea Dog is the time I need to have my head examined.”

Bill looked around at his men. He saw the haggardness of fear and stress still lingering on the faces of his men. He stood up and addressed them.

“Men,” he said, “We’ve all been on duty too long. “In celebration of all the good luck the Sea Dog has brought us, I propose a holiday,” he said. “Whaddya say?”

“Hip hip, hurrah!” one man cried, and everyone joined in the cheer.

“Let’s go home,” Bill said. “We’ve got a ship full of treasure and I’d say we all deserve a rest. We’ll all be rich when we go home, and we can take to the sea next summer! Peter, you come with me, lad. We’ll have a fine time at home. My wife and daughter haven’t seen my face for many a day.”

This boosted everyone’s spirits, and as Sparky capered up and down the length of the ship, he caught sight of the ship’s last rat. As he flung it far overboard, he caused another cheer and a roar of laughter.

“If it weren’t for that Sparky, I don’t know what we would’ve done,” someone said. “He sure is a fine Sea Dog. I don’t know if any other dog has had half his adventures.”

The Sea Dog cocked his head quizzically as if he were thinking back to the day when he sailed to the island of eternal youth and remembering all the stories that his favorite ship’s crew had no way of knowing. And he probably had an inkling that there would be many adventures to come.

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