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The Sea Dog’s Pirates Smuggle Their Treasure To Land

The Sea Dog’s Pirates Smuggle Their Treasure To Land

Aarrrr, Matey! Yer in the right place for a rollickin’ good time with the brave Sea Dog. Come and join us to hear the legend of the Dalmatian who fears nothing and always keeps a cool head. Like what you see? Shop for your very own Sea Dog t-shirt in our online store for classy yet comfortable resort wear. You’ll love the super-soft, ring-spun cotton that’s printed with the artwork of the Sea Dog by artist Bill Sparks.

In the last segment of our story, the Sea Dog and his crew had just narrowly escaped a watery grave in the digestive tract of a huge sea monster, and now they were headed home for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

After the adventures they had had, the voyage was mostly uneventful. As they sailed, the ship’s crew started discussing what they would do with the treasures that they had amassed in the course of their journeys.

“We can’t just march ashore with a huge chest of gold and treasure and not cause a stir,” they agreed. “What are we going to do?”

“It seems we need a good plan to smuggle our loot home,” Bill said. “Who has an idea?”

“Maybe we could hide it among the sacks of flour and corn,” someone said.

“That’s not a bad idea—but we’re almost out of food provisions,” the cook said.

“What if we pretended that one of us died, and we carry the treasure off the ship in a coffin?” someone else offered.

“Hmmm… but everyone would wonder why we didn’t bury that person at sea. And anyway, we don’t have a coffin,” another man said.

“What do we have on board that we can hide this much treasure in?”

“Yes, it has to be something that it would be normal for a vessel to carry and that won’t excite any suspicion.”

“What about the ballast?” one of the sailors asked.

“That’s a good idea,” everyone agreed. So they all set to work loading cartons and sacks by placing a little bit of treasure at the bottom and filling it the rest of the way with stones and sand that they were carrying as ballast.

Each man got a sack with his portion of the treasure and made his own personally-identifying mark to maintain it separate from the others. There was enough for every man to have a comfortable enough livelihood to retire from the sea if he wanted to, though many of the sailors maintained that they would never be able to leave their seafaring ways behind.

When they reached port, the sailors went their separate ways, and Bill, the Sea Dog, and Peter went together towards Bill’s home.

Just before they reached the house, Bill stopped at an inn. “If I’m going to surprise my wife and daughter, I’m going to buy a nice dinner for the five of us to eat.” Bill got the innkeeper to pack him a fine meal of roast turkey, dressing, two kinds of pudding, vegetable dishes, a hot soup, and a few bottles of wine.

To be continued…

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