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The Old Sea Dog Learns A New Trick

The Old Sea Dog Learns A New Trick

Aarrrr, Matey! The old Sea Dog here, welcomin’ ya to yet another segment of the legend of the old Sea Dog. You’ll be sure to love the adventurous spirit of the brave dalmatian with his peg leg, earring, and eye patch. The only thing you’ll love even more is the chance to wear the super-soft Sea Dog t-shirts with their artwork featuring the Sea Dog’s shenanigans and cheeky sayings, so shop our t-shirt selection today.

In our last blog post, the Sea Dog’s crew was just reminiscing about the Sea Dog, telling all the stories they knew to the new cabin boy, Peter.

The ship sailed on for days, and all the men breathed a huge sigh of relief at the fact that their captain was back with them, safe and sound, after his recent close call. However, relief gave way to monotony as the days wore on. Calm seas and not much to do caused more than one of the sailors to feel the itch for action.

Peter seemed to be the only one who wasn’t bored. Life aboard the ship was a new experience for him, a grand adventure after his confined life in the small harbor town that he had left behind.

In his free time, he spent many hours training Sparky. The first skill he learned was accidental, and it was almost a game between Sparky and the boy.

It all started with a rat — actually, a family of rats — who had managed to sneak aboard the ship in one of the crates of provisions that the sailors had brought aboard. The rats began to wreak havoc, driving the cook crazy with the destruction and filth that they spread. Every night, it seemed there were new holes eaten into the bags of flour that the ship carried. The cook tried in vain to catch the rats, but they outsmarted all his traps. It seemed there was simply no way to get rid of them, and the cook wrung his hands in despair over the waste and mess that the rats were causing.

One day, when there was nothing to be done but look for entertainment, Peter and the Sea Dog were playing a game of tug of war with a knotted rope, when suddenly, a rat scurried across the deck. Both of them spied it at the same time and took off in pursuit of the rat. The rat scurried under the doorway into the captain’s cabin, and Peter and the dalmatian followed. They slammed the door shut and stuffed rags under the door to block the only exit. From there, a hilarious game of hide-and-seek ensued, with the rat scurrying from side to side in the room.

Finally, the Sea Dog caught the rat, but just barely. He snapped up its tail and held up his head proudly with the rat dangling from his mouth.

The two proceeded from the cabin and the Sea Dog practically strutted around the deck with his prize dangling from his mouth. However, the rat grew tired of being paraded around and decided to make a violent attempt to free himself, which led to the Sea Dog shaking his head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth —

And the tail of the rat slipped from the Sea Dog’s mouth and the rat was flung through the air until it landed with a plop in the sea.

At this, all of the men gave an involuntary cheer, led by the cook, who said, “Do it again, Sparky!” The dalmatian practically glowed with the praise and went sniffing for another rat.

For the next several days, the Sea Dog chased rats and got quite good at catching them by their tails and flinging them into the sea.

“Isn’t that something, now?” the ship’s cook said. “Any other dog would’ve just ‘et em up, but not our Sea Dog. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve.”

To be continued…

Do you feel like you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve? Celebrate your wild side in an understated way when you wear t-shirts from the Sea Dog clothing line. Channel your inner pirate with the long sleeve and short sleeve Sea Dog t-shirts that are made of super-soft cotton in many different colors. Don’t miss our accessories, too! Shop today and stay tuned for more of the story in our next blog post.

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