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Reminiscences With the Old Sea Dog

Reminiscences With the Old Sea Dog

Arrr, Matey! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, from the rollickin’est pirate dog ever ta sail the high seas. Our brave dalmatian with the peg leg and eye patch has weathered many a storm and survived many an adventure, and his high spirits and frolickin’ ways never seem to diminish. For the adventurin’ hero in your life, let ‘em wear the Sea Dog t-shirt — whether they’re goin’ for style or shenanigans. Either way, the Sea Dog will be the most faithful and loyal companion you ever did see.

In our last blog, the pirate ship was sailing away from the harbor with a new cabin boy aboard, and new adventures were about to begin for the Sea Dog and all his crew.

Right away, the ship’s crew noticed that the Sea Dog had taken a strong liking to the boy, Peter. It was as if he was saying to the entire crew, “I’ll take care of this new seaman, boys.” Wherever Peter went, the Sea Dog followed, sticking to his heels like a loyal friend and romping around him with unrestrained happiness. When two of the gruffer seamen tried to give Peter a hard time, the Sea Dog leaped in front of him and faced the two men, growling and showing his teeth.

This caused the men to relax into grins. One elbowed the other in the ribs and said, “Look at Sparky go! He won’t let nobody pick on the boy.”

“Looks like he’s decided he’ll be a trusty ol’ pal to ya,” the other said to Peter.

Peter fondled the Sea Dog’s ears. “That’s right, Sparky.”

“This dog is quite the hero, you know,” the first man said. “This wasn’t his first close call — or his first rescue. Let me tell you about the time he lost his leg…”

“No,” the first man broke in, “Tell him the part about how he lost his eye first so that the boy gets the story in order.”

The two of them started telling stories about the Sea Dog’s adventures, and before long, almost the whole ship’s crew had gathered around, chiming in with the forgotten details of the story. The mood of the whole group alternated back and forth from jolly hilarity to solemn remembrance as they talked about some of the close calls that Sparky had had over the days he had been on board.

“Sparky, what a good dog you are,” Peter said more than once as he heard the string of adventures. “How did you manage to live through all those dangers?” Then, he turned to the crew.

“How old is Sparky, anyway?” he asked.

“We don’t know,” Bill said. The first time we ever saw him, he was already a full-grown dog. We found him floatin’ aboard a drifting ship that didn’t have any other people aboard. Not a soul. It was very mysterious. All I can say is, ever since he came to us, this-here Sea Dog has been good luck to our ship and crew. We not only captured all the treasure from that abandoned pirate ship, we find other riches almost everywhere we go. It’s almost like Sparky led us to
‘em without ever seeming to. Like the time when I dug in the sand, thinkin’ he was dead and I was gonna bury him, and my shovel just “happened” to strike a buried chest. Yer good luck, aren’t ye, Sparky my mate?”

Sparky let out a loud “woof” in answer, as if to say yes, and all the men laughed.

“What would we do without ye?” Bill said to Sparky, stroking his head.

To be continued...

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Keep reading our blog for more of the legend of the old sea dog.

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