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The Sea Dog Reunited With His Master

The Sea Dog Reunited With His Master

Arrr, Matey! Welcome to the Sea Dog blog, where ye’ll read the rollickin’ legend of the favorite dalmatian of the sea and the land. This fearless sailor, Sparky, has already lost a leg and an eye, but that won’t stop him from his grand adventures. Just now, his master has been captured and no one knows where he was taken, and it’s up to the Sea Dog to find him.


As Brutus turned his back on the Sea Dog, his first mate sprang into action. “Don’t you worry, Sparky,” he said, as the dalmatian looked earnestly up to him. He caressed the dog’s ears. “We’ll find him, come what may. But we need you to sniff his trail.”

The first mate had a brief consultation with a number of the other sailors. He gestured to four of the men. “You go around to the back gate and follow the Sea Dog wherever the trail leads. I’m going to the authorities to get a posse together, and we’ll follow after you.”

The Sea Dog dashed around to the back gate with the sailors following closely behind him. He picked up Bill’s scent and took off at a steady, loping pace.

The five of them quickly left the last vestiges of civilization and found themselves traveling down a narrow jungle trail. The Sea Dog knew the scent was getting stronger and stronger, and he began to bay with joy as they moved quickly along. The men were beginning to feel tired when the Sea Dog suddenly veered off on a tiny, barely-discernible trail on the left.

“We’re close,” one of the men said. They slowed their pace as they sensed they were coming to some sort of clearing. Even the Sea Dog seemed to sense the need for silence as he ran ahead into the clearing, while the men held back, hidden in the shadows. They watched as the Sea Dog ran up to a small cluster of people in leg irons, chained to each other, who were using machetes to create a jungle clearing under the watchful eye of an overseer. Bill was one of them.

Sparky ran straight up to Bill, causing him to drop his machete and embrace his trusty friend.

“Hey!” the overseer yelled. “What are you doing there? Get back to work.” He lunged to catch the Sea Dog, but Sparky was too quick and dashed away, escaping the man’s grasp.

A smile spread over Bill’s face, as he suspected that the rest of his mates would not be far behind.

The other sailors who had remained hidden in the jungle quickly conferred with each other. “Abel, you run back,” they said. “The first mate will be coming along shortly with a posse, and he’ll need to know the way. We’ll stay here and keep an eye on Bill.”

Abel gave a nod of understanding and dashed back along the jungle trail where he had come. However, dusk was falling fast.

To be continued.

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