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The Sea Dog Legend Continues: Leaving the Island

The Sea Dog Legend Continues: Leaving the Island

Arrrr, Matey! The ol’ Sea Dog here, at your service. Ready for a new yarn, are ye? Well, now, get your comfiest tshirt, pull up a chair to the fire, and hear the story about how the old Sea Dog gave his name to one of the fiercest, bravest, swashbucklin’ sea captains and pirates that the sea ever knew.

The Sea Dog, as we left him, was being happily entertained by the queen of the island of eternal youth. They ate and drank at the biggest banquet feasts you could ever wish to see, yet the thrill of adventure still stirred in the young dog’s heart.

After many days, the lady of the island said, “Hark! A boat approaches. You, my brave Sea Dog, must go on with your adventures. Though you embark on many voyages, you will never know fear. Onward, then! Fulfill your mission well.” And with that, the lady cast our friend the Sea Dog adrift on a small raft and blew with her enchanted breezes until the raft reached the ship.

A murmur of surprise rose from all the sailors to see such a sleek and well-fed creature upon a raft in what they thought was the middle of the open sea. They brought our hero aboard, never guessing that of all the plunder and Spanish gold and booty and spoil that they would ever encounter, this was the richest gift that ever crossed their path.

“What have you there?” the captain asked. And lo and behold, it was none other than the famous Sir Francis Drake. For many a day, they sailed and plundered and fought battles and won for themselves riches. In every fight, the Sea Dog was there to give them courage. The men’s hearts grew bold when they saw the Sea Dog rush in to the fray, barking and snapping and growling without so much as a helmet, dodging sword swings left and right, always the first to enter the battle and the last to withdraw.

To be continued in our next blog. If you missed the earlier segments of the story, start here.

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