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The Sea Dog Legend Continues: Giving a Name to a Pirate

The Sea Dog Legend Continues: Giving a Name to a Pirate

Our hero, the Sea Dog, was riding the proud waves of the open sea with Captain Francis Drake, and he was soon going to bequeath to him his name.

The Original Sea Dog: Bathed in Tradition - Soaked in History

Every time the good ship encountered an enemy, the sailors could not help but notice the brave Sea Dog sniffing the wind at the prow of the ship. Friends and foe alike termed him and his boat, “the Sea Dog ship,” and his fame grew so quickly that even the captain came to be known by the presence of his furry companion. The nickname “Sea Dog” stuck, and it seemed that his presence brought good luck to the safety and success of his expeditions.

Sailor after sailor came home with reports of the incredible feats of bravery of the “Sea Dog,” and soon it grew to be in common use for not only the ship and its mates, but even their friends and fellow-soldiers on other ships, until all the bravest pirates of that whole generation became known as the “Sea Dogs.”

Before long, even Queen Elizabeth was hearing of the fame of the mysterious “Sea Dog,” and naturally supposing that it was the captain of the good ship, she knighted him for his exploits and awarded him a coat of arms.

Truly, the Sea Dog basked in the glory of the pomp and splendor that was awarded to his friends, never asking for a scrap of it, but content with his food and drink and a good chap to curl up next to when times were slow.

And no one seemed to notice how long the Sea Dog was living or think to wonder why. But before too many years had passed, the Sea Dog leaped off the ship when they reached a port and went on to his next adventure.

Poor Francis Drake’s luck did seem to run out after that. He failed to conquer the port of Las Palmas, and shortly thereafter, he lost the Battle of San Juan.

But the Sea Dog lived on, and he has many an adventure yet to tell, not the least of which is how he made it onto a t shirt. Stay tuned for the story of the Sea Dog and the Legendary Iron Jaw!

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