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Sea Dog Iron Jaw Often Hooked Never Landed

The Sea Dog and the Legendary Iron Jaw (part 1)

Arrr, Matey! The Ol’ Sea Dog, at yer service! Draw up a chair close to the fire, matey, pour yerself a pint, and listen to the Old Sea Dog’s rollicking adventure in the South Pacific with the legendary and elusive sea creature, the Iron Jaw. 

What’s that you say? You never heard of the fearsome Iron Jaw, the creature eternally hunted, often hooked, but never landed? Then sit a spell, matey and hear all about it.

After the old Sea Dog hopped off the ship of good Sir Francis Drake, he leaped aboard a schooner headed for the South Pacific. The sailors were merchants and traders and adventurers, and it wasn’t long before they began to hear tales of an elusive sea monster that lurked in the sea, a giant fish that tended to intoxicate men everywhere with the thrill of the pursuit. Often, men had hooked this prize specimen, but somehow, he always got away.

With the Sea Dog aboard, the men on the schooner quickly felt their luck shift for the better, and their optimism reached a high pitch. They would be the ones to succeed in catching this monster and bring home the glory that no others had been able to achieve. Stories abounded of this creature demanding a ransom from anyone who hooked him, from gold to ancient relics, and one poor ship’s crew had even been forced to improvise a giant waterproof cigar to toss to the Iron Jaw.

These men, however, were sure their fate would be different. The sailors had prepared a huge hook and massive line on a launching mechanism that was tied to the bow of the ship, and they were confident in their pursuit.

Not many days into the open sea, the men spotted a fin rising from the sea. It would have been easily mistaken for a common fish if it were not for the fact that it was enormous. Easily large enough to swallow a man, this fish rose slowly out of the sea and eyed the sailors as if to challenge them. Thus, the chase was on.


To Be Continued.


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