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Sea Dog Don't Bring a Fly Rod to a Sword Fight

The Sea Dog and the Legendary Iron Jaw (part 2)


Sea Dog: Don't Bring a Fly Rod to a Sword Fight


Continued from our last blog post

The sailors cast again and again at the great fish as he led them forward, always staying just out of reach as if he was playing with them. Finally, on a cast that the men felt was especially magnificent, the fish took the bait. A great cheer went up from every throat, but it quickly died away when the fish began to swim away, taking the boat on a wild ride.

The men frantically tried to draw in the line, but even with all the sailors hauling at once, they had no hope of overcoming the great fish’s power. Sometimes he would slack his tremendous pace and allow them to haul the rope a short distance, drawing their ship closer and closer to him. Then he would race away at a tremendous pace, causing the rope to give the ship a jerk that toppled even the most agile seaman onto his face.

“What must we do?” the men cried out.

“The only thing we can do. Cut the rope!” the captain ordered.

But when they attempted to hack the rope in two, the best blade on the ship was no match for it. The fish had worked its magic on the rope, and they were bound fast.

This journey went on for 5 days until the men were exhausted.

Finally, the fish turned about, swam up to the side of the ship, and spoke.

“I demand to see the captain,” the monster demanded.

Aghast at meeting a talking fish, the men fell back from the starboard of the ship.

Just then, the Sea Dog leaped from the ship onto the head of the fish, snarling and snapping. The great sea creature, unused to such treatment and surprised at such a maneuver, paused, confused. Grasping the hook in his teeth, the Sea Dog whipped it out of sea monster’s iron jaw with one deft flick of his jaws, thereby releasing the boat and its crew from their captivity. The magic spell was broken, and the creature submerged itself below the surface, leaving our hero paddling in the water.

“Man overboard!” the men cried, and quickly lowered the lifeboat to rescue their beloved Sea Dog.

And thus the Iron Jaw lived to see another day, and the men escaped with their lives and a story that grew with each retelling. Predictably, the Sea Dog went on to have another adventure.

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