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Sea Dog: Livin' The Life Lost At Sea

The Sea Dog: Lost at Sea

Arrr, Matey! The Ol’ Sea Dog here! In our last adventure, the valiant Sea Dog had rescued his mates from the invincible Iron Jaw, and upon reaching the nearest port, the crew immediately traded their vessel for a good price to an unsuspecting group of adventurers who were on their own quest to take down the famed, often-hooked, never-landed sea creature. 

“She’s a beauty,” the sailors boasted of their custom rigging to capture the fabled monster. “We even hooked her…” and they lowered their voices and whispered, “but she got away.” The new owners failed to observe that the “she” meant the ship herself.

“We’re not only going to catch that monster--we’re going to catch ourselves a mermaid, too,” the new owners of the schooner boasted. And they set off with the Sea Dog aboard.

The sailors were in jolly spirits as they set sail for the fabled site of the beautiful sirens. None of them heeded the warnings of ships who passed near that part of the sea, never to return.

When they were still a day’s journey from their destination, the sailors heard an intoxicating sound. Faint music reached their ears, and it was the sweetest song any of them had ever heard. Even the Sea Dog perked up his ears at the melodious strains wafting over the breeze to their ship.

Night fell, and suddenly the music seemed to be coming from the east, then from the south, then from the west, then from the south again, then from the north. Strangely, the sailors could no longer see the stars, and while they constantly steered the ship towards the sound of the music, they could never be sure if they were taking a straight course or a circular one. It was as if they had sailed into a thick fog without even realizing it, and their sense of direction became just as skewed as their judgment as they frantically pursued the noise of singing that grew ever stronger as the hours passed.

Finally exasperated with this suspected meandering, the ship’s navigator struck a light and looked at the compass. Even the compass, however, seemed to be broken, for no matter which way he turned himself about, the compass pointed only to the direction the music was coming from, as if a stronger pull than the earth’s magnetic field was acting upon the needle.

Dawn came, bringing dim light but no visibility. They were cloaked in mist, and they were drawing nearer to the singing.

To Be Continued....

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